Home Welcome Home! To touch, to hold, to look, to smell, to taste: the sensory aspects of life are there to be nurtured and enjoyed. Engage the senses and explore the visceral elements around you. Douse your sensibilities with tactile elements: incorporate inspiring colors and textures into your home to make an altogether more spirited and rewarding affair. […]
Gardening Secret Gardens in the San Juan Islands As you drive around the island, you may not think many islanders are into gardening. To the contrary, due to the abundance of wildlife, gardens here tend to be hidden from plain sight. Many take advantage of the topography, views, and trees or simply have an abundance of potted plants on the deck. A visit […]
Boating Opening Day of Boating Season! May brings us Opening Day of the Boating Season, but actually boating is pretty much a year round thing in the islands. The many moods and embracing presence of the all-encircling sea is seductive, to put it mildly. Boating is a way of life in the islands. The San Juan Islands are truly the consummate […]
Island Spring! As much as we may yearn for it, Spring can take us by surprise.  We wait and we wait.  And then, finally we open our eyes one morning to a coppery dawn, a stretch of sky burning with color and drenched with glory making magic with the sea, a heavenly fresh breeze, glowing greens, colorful […]
Home A Place in the Islands Sacred partnerships arrive in our lives in many forms; sometimes consisting of wood and stone, rather than flesh and bone.  There is a deep peace and contentment to be found in the intimate connections with places as well as people. Every relationship we have – with other people, with our work – reflects in some […]
Holidays The Gift of Food – Holiday Traditions Even for those who shun tradition and ritual the rest of the year, Christmas is one time we often return to the security of its fold.  Holiday traditions resonate with the imprimatur of time; they become a part of our identity, writing out family history and reflecting cultural heritage.   As we seek to put […]
Lifestyle Our Commute – Island Life Living Given that our team works all the islands in the San Juan archipelago, we are often on the inter-island ferry.  Sometimes when showing property on one of the outer islands, we pause to ponder just how extraordinary this commute really is, yet how very typical of island life.  We view this commute as a mini […]
Home The Barn – Saving a Part of the Past The word barn derives from combining the word barley with the Old English ern, which meant place of.  For centuries the word was bern; it has been barn since the Late Middle Ages.  Over the centuries a barn’s uses have expanded way beyond barley storage.  Today, a barn can also be a place of tools […]
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