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As much as we may yearn for it, Spring can take us by surprise.  We wait and we wait.  And then, finally we open our eyes one morning to a coppery dawn, a stretch of sky burning with color and drenched with glory making magic with the sea, a heavenly fresh breeze, glowing greens, colorful blossoms, birdsong, and the very feel of Spring.

The first whisper of Spring holds such promise.  Our smiles deepen, our laughter increases, our hearts open.  We feel stirrings of hope.  As Winter’s cold begins to retreat, easing its grip upon our imagination and inclinations, slowly our spirits awaken, along with the natural world.  We anticipate a new beginning, a fresh start – a new chapter in life waiting to be written.

It is time to laugh, play, and create.  It is a time to revise and change.

Change can ambush, upsetting our comfortable routine.  But, at this time of year, change is expected – perhaps, even invited.  Not a time to be shy or reserved, we flirt with the opportunities and possibilities.  Trust yourself.  Act on your instincts.  To hold back, hesitate, and halt is to snuff out the spark.

No need for impatience.  Preparatory steps are necessary.  Quiet your mind, carve out time to dream and express yourself.  It is pretty amazing what a little shift in perception can do.

If all else fails, go to the beach!