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Welcome Home!

To touch, to hold, to look, to smell, to taste: the sensory aspects of life are there to be nurtured and enjoyed. Engage the senses and explore the visceral elements around you. Douse your sensibilities with tactile elements: incorporate inspiring colors and textures into your home to make an altogether more spirited and rewarding affair.

Use color to make daily living more pleasurable and uplifting. Thinking about how color appears in nature gives clues to choosing the sort of colors you might want to have in your home. Neutrals are timeless and easy to live with, while white is unifying, restful, and a favorite with those who seek a simple approach to living.

During the nineteenth century the home was viewed as “heaven on earth”, a hallowed haven in an uncertain world. When man, woman, or child crossed the threshold, they were safe. Today, many of us cast a nostalgic glance backward. The Victorian era seems so calm, gentle, and gracious – so completely opposite from our own. This could be due to a legacy of love left to us by our great grandmothers who reigned over their hearths.

No matter what our decorating style – realized or aspired to – the essential spiritual grace our homes should possess is the solace of comfort. A home that embraces, nurtures, sustains, and inspires.

A welcome retreat: home as a haven in a hectic world. Nowhere is this more true than in the San Juan Islands…