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Weeding Out – Closet Organization

March arrives.  The first whisper of Spring holds such promise.  We feel stirrings of hope.  As Winter’s cold begins to retreat, easing its grip upon our imagination and inclinations, slowly our spirits awaken, along with the natural world, from a long Winter’s slumber.  With earlier mornings and later evenings combined with unseasonably warm, sunny days, responding to something primal, all things seem to be stirring.  

The return of Spring stirs emotions in us as does no other seasonal event.  Perhaps this has you thinking seriously about selling your home.

In order to get the best price in a timely fashion, there are any number of things that need to be addressed to prepare your home to sell.  One thing that many may overlook is closets.  Closets?  Really?  Yes, buyers really do look in your closets…

This is the perfect time for closet purging.  Approach the task like gardeners approach pulling weeds.  Cleaning out closets may sound simple, but unless you want to end up just straightening the confusion, it is imperative that you come prepared with determination to sort, sift, and say farewell.  Realistically, it can take several hours to completely clean and organize one closet.  It is a good idea to pace yourself.  View it as an investment for mind, body, spirit.  The process will give you a feeling of complete satisfaction.

Spring is a new beginning and a fresh start.  Go for it!